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Mission Woods Announcements – July 16, 2017



7/2 Cari Teter, 7/6 Shania Pycior, 7/11 Mary Dawn Dickinson, 7/12 Linda Daily, 7/22 Sheila Pycior, 7/30 Sue Stauts, 7/31 Karen Sebby


All women are invited for food fun, and fellowship, 11:30 a.m., 2nd Tuesday of each month, Blue Springs Hy-Vee. The July book club selection is The Daughter’s Walk by Jane Kirkpatrick. After lunch, we will meet at the Booth home. Kathy K is bringing her delicious cake!


July 15th, 7:30 a.m., Blue Springs Winstead’s (I-70 and S 7 Hwy.)


July 22nd, 3:00 p.m. at the home of Dick & Roni Booth.

GET TO KNOW YOURSELF with Evangelist Kris Judd

July 30th, 9:30 a.m. (In place of regular Sunday school.)


August 4 – 6, 2017

Theme: Brothers & Sisters Together in Christ. Watch for more details.

Note: No Rummikub August 4th and no Sunday school August 6th. Please join us August 6th at 10:45 for worship.


We provide back-snacks for 46 children and need your contributions! A list of ideas is on the whiteboard of the back-snack cabinet. Some ideas are: peanut butter, juice, veggies, pudding, mac & cheese, applesauce, snack crackers, cocoa, granola bars or fruit rollups. Watch for sales!


Call Bill Dickinson or James Pycior to avoid conflicts.


(Sponsor) Booth D & R

Wendy Booker, H 2/20/13

Shannon Rice, GH 8/10/16

Daniel Beall, G 12/4/16

Kendra Kelley, H 2/1/17

Marilyn Jameson, HG 3/29/17

Dick Booth, H 7/2/17

Deena Pope, H 5/24/17

David Fuller, H 7/2/17

(Sponsor) Booth M&G

Jessica Pycior, G 6/25/17

(Sponsor) Boumstein

Dana Mallory, H 2/4/16

Matt Boumstein, H 5/30/16

(Sponsor) Linda Daily

Susano Mendoza Figueroa Family

Al & Josh Pettigrew, HGO 1/30/14

Eric and Stephanie, GO 8/6/16

Greta & Pat, H 12/5/16

Maria deAquino, H 3/15/17

Carol Steede Spaulding, H 4/5/17

Maria Valadez, H 5/1/17

(Sponsor) Davenport

Braydon Reed, H 8/3/15

Wayne Drosche, H 1/17/16

Jimmy Allen, H 11/23/16

Gaylen Davenport, G 3/8/17

(Sponsor) DeMoro

Shawna Matchael, H 11/7/16

Dorothy DeMoro, H 12/4/16

(Sponsor) Deoring

BS Troop 138 & Cub Pack, G 4/15/15

Amanda Deoring Family, WG 3/22/17

Mary Johnson, H 4/18/17

Sandi Deoring, HG 5/10/117

Scout Ldr Julie Volk Family, D 6/11/17

Scout Ldr Kim Eichstad Family, D 6/5/17

Mike Weathers & Family, HG 7/2/17

(Sponsor) Dexheimer

Nancy Maxwell & Family, HG 1/5/16

Betty Stockton, G 2/17/16

Wanda Andersen, H 8/31/16

Myrna Tweedy, HG 3/20/17

(Sponsor) Dickinson

(Sponsor) DuBose

Jason Folson, H 7/3/16

Terry McGraw, H 10/2/16

Michael Dubose, HG 10/25/16

Erica Standley, H 12/4/16

Shellie Angell, G 3/8/17

Lindsay Wynn, G 4/12/17

Michelle Young Family, D 5/16/17

(Sponsor) Falke

Bob Noland, H 5/31/17

(Sponsor) Gabriel

Caitlin Gabriel, G 12/30/15

(Sponsor) Hanson

Katie Day, H 11/23/16

Betty Pashon, H 12/21/16

Vernon Darling, H 3/22/17

Linda Musial, H 5/10/17

(Sponsor) Jaime Hernandez

Hilda Hernandez de Jesus, H 8/5/15

Anastacia Paulina Francisco, H 7/20/16/

(Sponsor) Dan Jeffers (Oak Hill)

Rachael & Daniel, G 5/24/17

Ruth Watson, H 5/24/17

Viola Berry, H 5/24/17

Angela Gillette, G 5/24/17

Arlene Jeffers, H 5/24/17

Joy (?), H 5/24/17

Tony Chapman, H 5/24/17

(Sponsor) McDonald

Steve Toney, H 5/13

Aaron Toney, H 3/15/13

Bryn Dugas, H 6/1/14

Karen & Kyle Parr, GW 1/21/15

Gayle Erickson, H 5/27/15

Kim Owen, W 8/12/15

H.P. Fritz, H 7/20/16

Pycior Family, GHW 8/24/14

Vergene Mumper, H 11/16/16

Joe McDonald, H 4/9/17

Mike & Lisa Romig, GO 6/11/17

(Sponsor) Kim Owen

Katherine Wallace, H 12/20/15

(Sponsor) Pycior

Shania Pycior, H 4/25/17

James Pycior, H 5/24/17

Kurt Pycior, H 5/28/17

(Sponsor) Camryn Rhamy

(Sponsor) Sebby

Larry Sebby, H 6/26/16

Camryn Rhamy, G 2/22/17

Cari Teter, G 3/15/17

Joelle Karrer, HG 4/5/17

Mary Adams Family, D 6/11/17

Jill & Matt Magda Family, DG 6/28/17

Harrop Family, H 6/28/17

(Sponsor) A. Sharky

Nella, H 10/28/13

(Sponsor) Sims

Chuck Hewitt, H 4/15/15

Mike Hewitt, H 10/7/15

Alan & Gladys Tyree, H 9/28/16

Beverly Serig, H 9/28/16

Marilyn Moore, H 7/9/17

(Sponsor) Stockton

Ray Sills, H 5/24/17

Grandson’s Family, D 7/10/17

(Sponsor) Lana VunCannon

Nahorny Family, G 2/18/14

Sue Studt, HG 4/14/15

Sam Nahorny, H 5/11/16

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