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Weekly Newsletter − May 10, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all church gatherings are suspended until further notice. Watch for updates from our pastor James Pycior, Central Mission at, and Community of Christ at



5/05 Mike VunCannon

5/11 Claire & Garrett Boumstein

5/20 Melissa Daily

5/22 Gwen Thatcher

5/30 Bishop Pycior

5/30 Larry Sebby

5/31 Bob Stockton


Join us via Zoom to worship together. James Pycior (Pastor) will email the link for each online gathering. If you are not receiving them, please email him at


Check your email daily for inspiring devotions from our pastor. If you are not receiving them and would like to, email James at to be added to his list.


Even though we are in quarantine, the local and world church’s mission continues. Please send your offerings on a regular basis, as you can afford.

Insert a check into your tithing envelope and mail to Mission Woods CofC, PO Box 1932, Blue Springs, MO 64013-1932. DO NOT send cash. Or sign up for eTithing! If you need assistance contact Mary Dawn Dickinson, congregation financial officer (816) 309-5739 or James Pycior, pastor (816) 678-3107.


Sunday, May 10, 2020

11:00 a.m.

We will gather via Zoom. Watch your email for the link!

Theme: God is Our Refuge (Mother’s Day)

Presider: Michelle Booth

Speaker: Guest Minister, Robin Dyer

Pianist: Sheila Pycior


Wednesday’s at 7:00 p.m.

We will gather via Zoom or phone. Watch your email for the link and phone number!

  • May 6, 2020 Presider: Linda Daily

  • May 14, 2020 Presider: Dan Hanson

SHELTERING IN PLACE: A Message from President Steve Veazey

Posted April 27, 2020 (

Watch/listen as President Steve Veazey draws some insights from the disciples of Jesus who were isolated and afraid. When the Living Christ appeared to them, his words were of peace. What assurance of peace do you need today?

Prayer List


Wendy Booker, H 02/20/13

Marilyn Jameson, HG 03/29/17

Virus Layoffs, WG 03/25/20

(Sponsor) Booker

Genny Hoover, W 04/08/20

Erma Beaty Family, D 04/13/20

(Sponsor) Booth

Janea & Logan Hart, H 06/10/18

Shannon Rice, G 09/05/18

Joshua Madewell Family, HG 12/02/18

Rory Rice, G 04/30/20

(Sponsor) Boumstein

Matt Boumstein, HG 05/30/16

John Green, HG 11/18/19

(Sponsor) Linda Daily

Al & Josh Pettigrew, HGO 1/30/14

Terry & Rick Spaulding, HG 11/06/19

Harold Mitchell, H 01/02/20

Maria deAquino Family, G 04/19/20

Ainsley Birks, H 04/30/20

(Sponsor) DeMoro

David & Allisa Baldwin, G 10/17/18

(Sponsor) Dexheimer

Wanda Andersen, H 08/31/16

(Sponsor) Dickinson

Robin & Kim Dyer, GF 06/09/19

John Dyer, H 07/21/19

Bud Dickinson, G 11/4/19

Kay Pierson, H 03/01/20

Kim Dyer Family, D 03/08/20

Ryan & Jessalyn, WG 03/25/20

(Sponsor) Downey

Dick Downey, H 08/03/19

Karen Downey, H 09/29/19

(Sponsor) Falke

Gene Salsig, H 03/25/20

Loretta Salsig Family, D 04/15/20

(Sponsor) Hanson

Katie Day, HG 11/23/16

Betty Pashon, H 12/21/16

Hazel Day, H 09/12/18

(Sponsor) Jaime Hernandez

Hilda Hernandez de Jesus, H 08/05/15

Anastacia Paulina Francisco, H 07/20/16

(Sponsor) McDonald

Aaron Toney, H 03/15/13

Kim Owen, GH 02/28/18

Brody Parr, H 03/25/18

Gayle Erickson, H 02/13/19

Wayne Gunter, H 03/27/19

Connor & Keetyn Blankenship, G 09/04/19

Nancy & Jared Munson, HG 10/14/19

Sarah Worthington, G 01/08/20

Joe McDonald Family, D 03/05/20

Jim Garwood Family, D 03/08/20

Steve Toney, H 04/22/20

Lisa Fritz, HG 04/29/20

(Sponsor) Pycior

Jo Ann Sentence, H 09/17/17

Thomas Stayton, HG 03/21/18

Nancy & Wayne Totton, H 03/21/18

J Rivera, H 03/21/18

Jonathan & Jana Sloan Family, H 03/31/19

Camy ? ,H 12/4/19

Justin ?, GHW 04/08/20

Tamara DuBose, H 04/*29/20

(Sponsor) Sebby

Camryn Rhamy, G 07/07/19

Les Washington, H 04/08/20

Larry Sebby, H 04/22/20

Grant McMurray, HG 04/15/20

Larry Conrad, HG 04/29/20

Billy Dudek, HFG 05/02/20

Chrystal Miller, HG 05/02/20

(Sponsor) Sims

Chris Stone, H 01/10/18

Jerry & Sarah Neft, H 02/07/18

Doris Henson, H 01/09/19

Bob & Ruth Turner, H 03/13/19

Allen Tyree, H 05/01/19

(Sponsor) Slauter

Russ Jones, H 08/14/19

Ken Schoff, H 10/30/19

Eric Spalding, H 03/25/20

Mike & Jane Lundy Family, D 04/08/20

Linda Tamosiusax, H 04/26/20

Terry Gadd’s Mom, H 04/29/20

(Sponsor) Stockton

Jim & Donna Stockton Family, D 07/10/17

Betty Stockton, HG 08/04/19

Ruth Kurchner, H 12/29/19

(Sponsor) Thatcher

Lynn Thatcher, HG 04/22/20

Jerry McNutly, H 074/29/20

(Sponsor) VunCannon

Doug & Michelle Heacock, H (leukemia) (01/30/19

Mike VunCannon, HG (Prostate cancer) 03/03/19

John Gatenby, H 09/18/19

Rick Hudson, H 04/09/20

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