Mission Woods is a Community of Christ congregation, located in Blue Springs, Missouri, where All are Welcome! 


2800 NW Duncan Rd.

Blue Springs, MO 64015


(816) 224-0095



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Mission Woods Announcements - March 18, 2018

March 15, 2018





3/09 Lana Sharky

3/11 Avary Boumstein

3/16 Dan Hanson

3/26 Dick Downey



Friday, March 16, 2018

6:30 p.m.

Dinner hosted by the Hanson’s, at the church.

Please bring side dishes.



Sunday, March 18, 2018

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Greeters: Pycior Kids

Theme: Glorify God                               

Planner: Walt Deoring        

Speaker: Gary McDonald

Pianist: Michelle Booth



Wednesday, March 21, 2018

7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Walt Deoring presiding



Saturday, March 24th and Saturday, March 31st

9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

The Worship Commission would like an ensemble to sing for the Easter service. 

Come join us!  Invite a friend!



Saturday, March 31, 2017

7:30 a.m. – Rae’s (S 7 Hwy, Blue Springs)

All men are invited for fun, food, and fellowship.



Please watch for sales and local specials!

Items Needed: peanut butter, juice, veggies, pudding, mac & cheese, applesauce, snack crackers, cocoa, granola bars or fruit roll-ups.



Please sign-up to provide snacks!

Contact Sheila Pycior for more information.



Contact Bill Dickinson or James Pycior to avoid conflicts when using the church.


HOLA! Spanish class

3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. each Sunday

Facilitators: Jaime or Linda



Troop is selling Papa Murphy’s pizza cards for $5 during the month of March.

Thinking of spring cleaning? The troop will be at Red Racks on S 7 Hwy April 28th


Prayer Requests


(Sponsor) Booth D & R

Wendy Booker, H 02/20/13               

Marilyn Jameson, HG 03/29/17

Gregg Beall, H 11/15/17

Dan McCarty, H 01/21/18

Sandy Hubbard, H 02/11/18

Sue Stauts, H 02/28/18

Colin Isham, H 03/07/18


(Sponsor) Booth M&G

Joshua Madewell, H 09/06/17


(Sponsor) Boumstein

Matt Boumstein, H 05/30/16


(Sponsor) Linda Daily

Susano Mendoza Figueroa Family

Al & Josh Pettigrew, HGO 1/30/14

Eric and Stephanie, GO 08/06/16

Maria deAquino & Family, HG 07/26/17

Stephen & Melissa, G 02/21/18

Rick Spaulding, H 11/19/17

Harry Steede Family, D 01/14/18

Alondra ?, H 01/28/18


(Sponsor) Davenport

Jimmy Allen, H 11/23/16

Laura & Randy Drosche, G 09/27/17

Sandy Robertson, H 11/19/17

Bob Swindler, H 12/17/17

Gaylen Davenport, G 01/21/18


(Sponsor) Deoring

BS Troop 138 & Cub Pack, G 04/15/15

Amanda Deoring Family, GW 03/22/17

Mary Johnson, H 04/18/17

Ken & Donna Schwan, H 10/25/17

Robin West, H 01/10/18

Sandi Deoring, HG 02/28/18

Larry Stuart, H 02/28/18


(Sponsor) Dexheimer

Nancy Maxwell & Family, HG 01/05/16

Betty Stockton, G 02/17/16

Wanda Andersen, H 08/31/16

Danny Fye Family, D 03/04/18


(Sponsor) Dickinson

Don Dickinson, H 02/25/18


(Sponsor) DuBose

Jason Folson, H 07/03/16

Terry McGraw, H 10/02/16

Michael Dubose, HG 10/25/16

Erica Standley, H 12/04/16

Shellie Angell, G 03/08/17

Lindsay Wynn, G 04/12/17

Glen Dierderstoff, H 11/19/17


(Sponsor)  Falke

Bob Noland, H 05/31/17

Shirley Falke, H 02/07/18

Zach Salsig, H 03/04/18


(Sponsor)  Gabriel

Dennis Gabriel, G 02/21/18

Ronnie Burch, HG 02/21/18

Kat & Scott Gabriel, HG 02/21/18


(Sponsor)  Hanson

Katie Day, H 11/23/16

Betty Pashon, H 12/21/16

Vernon Darling, H 03/22/17

Vicki Cash, H 09/27/17

Diane Admire, W 10/11/17

Leroy Pashon, H 10/25/17

Dan Hanson, H 02/28/18

Linda Smith, H 03/07/18


(Sponsor) Jaime Hernandez

Hilda Hernandez de Jesus, H 08/05/15

Anastacia Paulina Francisco, H 07/20/16


(Sponsor) Kuppinger

Kathy Kuppinger, H 01/07/18

Tien Connolly, GH 01/24/18

Debbie & Katie Friske, H 01/31/18

David Duffield, H 02/07/18

Jordan White, H 02/21/18


(Sponsor) McDonald

Steve Toney, H 05/13

Aaron Toney, H 03/15/13

Karen & Kyle Parr, GW 01/21/15

Gayle Erickson, H 05/27/15

Pycior Family, GHW 08/24/14

Vergene Mumper, H 11/16/16

Joe McDonald, H 04/09/17

Kim Owen, GH 02/28/18


(Sponsor) Pycior

Jo Ann Sentence, H 09/17/17


(Sponsor) Reed

Jeremy Reed, H 01/21/18

Braydon Reed, H 02/04/18


(Sponsor) Sebby

Larry Sebby, H 06/26/16

Joelle Karrer, HG 04/05/17

Camryn Rhamy, G 10/25/17

Billy Dudek, G 11/15/17


(Sponsor) Sims

Joe & Beverly Serig, H 09/28/16

Marilyn Moore, H 07/09/17

Ruth Turner, H 01/10/18

Chris Stone, H 01/10/18

Betty Pearson Bush, H 02/07/18

Jerry & Sarah Neft, H 02/07/18


(Sponsor) Slauter

Ed a& Marilyn’s Grandson, G 02/07/18

JoAnn Pratt, H 02/07/18

Ken Schoff, H 02/14/18


(Sponsor) Stockton

Ray Sills, H 05/24/17

Jim & Donna Stockton Family, D 07/10/17

Rebecca Camerer, H 08/06/17


(Sponsor) Thatcher

Linda Thatcher, H 01/14/18

Lynn Thatcher, H 02/25/18

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